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    Paddle Flowmeters - KPM
    Paddle Flowmeters ¨C KPM

    KPM flowmeter is suitable for measurement of liquid in pipes. The special advantage is that it can be used for all directions of flow. It can show the current flow rate in volume or mass per unit in time.

    Applications: flow measurement, dosing, monitoring, adjusting and control of liquid products. The meter¡¯s design makes it ideal for processes under difficult and adverse operating conditions.

    The devices are available with additional electrical equipment for process monitoring and control.

    Tube Size£ºDN50-DN300£»Pressure Rating £ºPN10-PN40£»Temp£º< 200¡æ
    Measurement of the liquid
    Liquid waste
    All directions of flow
    Reliable Capability, Steady Measure
    Output:Current Signal¡¢Local Display ¡¢HART,PROFIBUS
    Corrosive Fields and Volatile Fields
    Measuring Principle
    If a medium flows with sufficient velocity through the horizontally or vertically arranged measuring chamber. If the KPM fitting, the paddle will swivel around the axie until the force of the medium and the opposing force of the paddle surface plus the spring tension establish equilibrium. The angular position or the position of equilibrium of the paddle in the measuring chamber is the measure for the flow. The encapsulated ring-type permanent magnet at the end of the paddle axis then transmits this position to the scale and the optional electronic evaluators through the magnet tracking indicator system.This happens safely and without packing glands. The flow rates shown on the scale only apply to the calibrated medium or to a medium with the same physical characteristics.