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    Differential pressure flowmeter - KV1000
    Differential pressure flowmeter C KV1000

    The Differential pressure flowmeter is a differential pressure flowmeters, it get differential pressure to reflect flow rate through throttle. Throttling set is a cone a hanging in the pipeline central. High pressure P1gets from the wall before the cone, low pressure P2 gets from cone central, square root of the differential pressure P is proportional to the flow.

    This product is suitable for liquid flow in measurement pipeline. Its used for flow measurement, dosing, monitoring, regulating and controlling. The product can also reposition electrical converter for process monitoring and control.

    The straight pipes before and after the Differential pressure flowmeter require shorter.
    High accuracy, differential output values can achieve a good reproducibility.
    Pressure loss is small, suitable for measuring the low static pressure and low flows liquid.
    Long-term use, stable and reliable